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UP :: The Arm-Balance Lab

  • New Love City 68 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY USA (map)

You ready to fly?

Hand and arm balances are some of the most fun and show-offy poses we get to practice in yoga, but they can also leave us feeling like we are too tired, too weak or too inexperienced to actually take flight.

While it definitely takes time and practice to develop the strength and flexibility required to lift your butt up off the ground, a tune-up of a few basic actions can help us start to make progress. In this workshop, we'll look at the concept of the "bird back" - the shape of the spine that will help us take flight - while also learning how to use the legs and arms to contact the core. Expect a blend of hip opening and conditioning while we warm up and some sweet restorative work at the end to release the shoulders and the chest. Lead by our most favorite Kevin Bigger in the whole wide world - click here to sign up!

Sunday, June 8
1:30 - 3:30pm
$50 per student

All levels of experience with these poses are welcome, but those with neck, wrist or shoulder injuries might want to skip this one until their bodies are feeling better.

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